Welcome to Rosseta's Undertale page!

Peruse at your own danger. I am a grown woman and half the reason I write fiction is writing erotica. I'm not even embarrassed anymore.


The gallery's a bit simple, but hey. Sexy Gaster blasters.


My stories are written both in Czech and in English, as muse struck.

Tale of Frisk EN
My English opus magnum, an attempt to construct a story according to Hero's Journey. Adult female Frisk has grown fat and happy with Toriel, but now she has to set out and protect her world from evil.

Kostitřas CZ
My Czech magnum opus. Adult female Frisk has had it out for Sans for a long time, and now her moment finally "comes".

Beware EN
A deaf Frisk reminds Sans of someone he used to know.

How to piss Sans off EN
A short list of ways to piss Sans off.

It fills me with... EN
Frisk enjoys the murder runs too much to stop now.

Jak vojet Papyra CZ
Adult female Frisk has had it out for Papyrus for a short time, and now her moment finally "comes". Parody.

Sans is sparing you EN
In this run, Frisk has become a freeloader in the skeleton household.

The Grim Reaper EN
You have no choice but to continue running, resetting, going, and the Grim Reaper can see it all.

Tingles EN
Can a ten-year-old have an erotic dream?